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Roku, the great streaming platform will now get you the unlimited video at your fingertips what isn’t available when you open Roku! There’s everything of your choice. The channel list holds numerous channels for the users to watch. But, if you’re looking for Roku hidden porn channels, you’ll get it too by browsing with the codes for Roku adult channels.

If you’re gay, it’s something that you should be proud of. Flaunt with your gay desires when you get gay porn on Roku. You’ll get the vast library of videos that will satisfy your burning horny desires. These couple-friendly videos on tlagay Roku channel will let you enjoy with your boyfriend. There are full-length films that are updated every day. So, the channel never runs short of the content. Simply browse through all the titles and find the best of the Roku gay porn. Sometimes you aren’t interested in watching full films, and there’s a customized option to it as well. Now enjoy watching those scenes that will let you keep cumming with your boyfriend.

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Steps to Add Channels (Public and Private) to Roku:

    1.   Main menu >>> Roku Streaming Channels.

    2.   Go to Search Channels (when you know the channel name of your choice)>>> Enter channel name. With this step, you’ll get the customised searches.

    3.   Instead, select any other option if you want to browse channels.

TLAGay Roku Channel Features:

Numerous features introduced into the new version of tla gay enhance the popularity of the gay film selection.

  • Availability of the latest titles in 4K Ultra HD.
  • You will get the option to browse through the TLAGay Roku channel by New and by Trending. With this, you will also get to see a synopsis.
  • Availability of the short preview gives you the idea about the gull movie. So, you can see the selection of scenes, or add it to the list of “Watch Later”.
  • Endless supply of scenes for free on the main menu. Watch Later list is accessible from the home screen.
  • Genres selection will give you the array of the special videos from which and you can browse. The total availability of 200 movie categories includes the ’70s, Bukkake, Ass to Mouth, Circle-Jerk, Cosplay, Daddies, Cum Swapping, Hidden Camera, Watersports, Military, Small Cock, to name a few. Scene Tags are also available from the list of genres. TLAGay Roku offers a search option for finding a suitable video according to the title or performer.
  • Parental control settings help you to ascertain security so that the kids aren’t able to access them. So, set the four-digit parental PIN that will limit the access to the channel content.
  • High-quality pornstar scenes with the FREE installation with TLAGay membership!
  • Roku Channel Code is TLAGay
  • An overall easy step for the account linking is: Add Channel>>>Visit Roku website >>> add TLAGay to channel lineup>>>Get Linking Code>>>Open TLAGay channel >>> in case you see that the code gets expired, acquire another device linking code>>>Link Your Account

TLAGay Subscription Plans or Fees 

TLA Gay Unlimited offers unlimited access to the subscribers who subscribe for accessing the full AdultEmpire library.

Users get access to the website on computers, tablets, and mobiles. Only $5.99 is levied upon the subscribers who choose 2-day trial. You’ll also get plans that are charged on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. The starting charges are only $16.66 per month. However, it is good to remember that the costs keep changing every year.

  • $16.66/month(12 months) (single payment of $199.99, for yearly plans)
  • $19.99/month(3 months) (single payment of $59.99 for quarterly plans)
  • $29.99/month(1 month) (recurring payment of $29.99 for monthly plans)
  • $5.99/2-day

Besides, there are monthly subscriptions applicable at $29.99/month once the period for free trial ends.

How to Add & Setup TLAGay on Roku?

These are the following steps that the user needs to follow:

Step1: Subscribe to TLAGay:

You won’t get access to any content. If you’re not a TLAGay subscriber on Roku. Since there arent free previews available, the user needs to scroll down.

After subscribing, add the TLAGay Unlimited channel that gets instantly connected on Roku.

Step2: Add the TLAGay channel:

Since Roku doesn’t list these Roku gay porn channels in their channel store, you’ll have to follow a few steps. TLAGay is “non-certified”, so you must know the private code for the activation. The code is tlagay. To

  • Log in to your Roku account in case you aren’t already logged in.
  • Go to>>>use tlagay as the channel access code.

To immediately see the channel, follow the steps: Roku’s home menu >>>navigate to Settings > System > System update > Check now >>> update to channel listings. When the automated daily update is fulfilled, you will get the channel activated in 24 hours.

Step3: Linking your TLAGay account to Roku:

Open the TLAGay Unlimited channel >>> link to your account by logging in>>> insert the AdultEmpire user name and password.

In case, you aren’t interested in logging in directly, select “Get Roku Linking Code” >>> enter code. This step ensures that the TLAGay channel gets linked to the account


Q1. What is enabling Guest Mode?

When you’re using the Roku streaming player/Roku TV, you’ll see that the Guest Mode gets enabled for the visiting guests where they sign in to channels available for a subscription using account credentials. Specifying a date for the removal of the credentials automatically from the Roku device makes the task easier.

Q2. How often is the site updated?

Dozens of new videos are released every day onto the site which will give rise to the new list of 100’s of videos.

Q3.  Why am I facing problems in playing the videos?

Videos are available in the H.264 format. So, be sure to get the last version of the browser that will let the website to stream the necessary content. You can also upgrade your browser to watch the content without disturbances.


So, from the above guide, it is clear that the free Gay channel offers a large and vivid selection of LGBT entertainment. Roku’s huge fleet of the Roku secret channels contains award-winning classics. These porn videos also highlight foreign films that hold a touch of comedies and documentaries.

The nice selection of private and hidden gay content with the flexibility in adding them to the device ensures that you’ll get the updated porn continuously without ads. What’s more significant is that the premium adult content will get you the tons of porn in full XXX HD. Now, it’s time to get those sensual moments of the shemale strokers playing with the sexy Trans girls.

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