How To Install Spectrum TV on Roku [2020 Updated]

Now it’s time to enjoy the Spectrum TV experience on your Roku! With spectrum TV app Roku, you can enjoy plenty of live TV channels and On Demand TV shows. People love to join the Roku spectrum app network for it’s 30000 on-demand content. You can get access to the Spectrum Internet service at home. All you need to have is the Spectrum TV and the Internet.

Starting with the service is quite flexible where you’ve to sign in with the help of Spectrum username and password. If you don’t have the username, you’ll have to go to, and then create one. After you’re signed in, you can filter the shows of your choice live by category, sort channels as well as the creation of a personalized guide. You can do them instantly by setting favourite channels. This spectrum program guide will give you a vivid idea about numerous parameters regarding spectrum Roku.

The available programming is dependent upon the Spectrum TV subscription package you’re using to watch the shows. If you require additional help regarding it, you can visit

Spectrum TV will be now available on devices like Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere, Roku Express+, Roku Premiere+, Roku Express, Roku TVs, Roku 2, Roku 4, Roku 3, and Roku Stick devices.

Spectrum TV Packages

Spectrum TV™ will give you 125+ channels for $44.99/mo. For 12 months, you’ll get the bundled*Charter Spectrum TV™ Silver with 175+ channels. It is available at $69.99/mo. For 12 months, with bundled*Charter Spectrum TV™ Gold, you’ll get 200+ channels at $89.99/mo.

Spectrum TV Features

  • With the Spectrum TV App, you can get the freedom to watch the shows anywhere. You can access the full TV line-up on your mobile and other connected devices, like tablet and Roku. Though it is available on Xbox One and Samsung Smart TV, we recommend you to use Roku because it will give you the convenience to download TV channel apps and watch anywhere.
  • There’s a never-ending list of shows that you can watch here. No matter what you love, Spectrum TV will provide it to you. You can also choose from content like primetime, sports, entertainment, news, family, kids, home improvement, and global events. You’ll get a varied range of items for exploration.
  • Spectrum Internet will give you enough speed and bandwidth. You can also experience better streaming when you have the in-home WiFi. A speedy connection will give you a handful of favourite shows, sports and movies. The easy to use interface ensures that you can use multiple devices.
  • It is completely fit for saving your money. Spectrum Mobile is incredibly reliable, coast to coast, with a nationwide network of hotspots. The pricing scheme is also a convenient one to serve your needs.
  • You will get a massive availability of the Program Listings. For that, you can use the ARROW buttons on the remote. It will help to browse listings. Moreover, you’ll also get the Programs to record on a DVR. You can easily go through them via the red icons.
  • Availability of Program Description in spectrum app Roku is a great feature. You can get the details displayed for the highlighted program.
  • You can sort the Networks and Channels by channel number or network A–Z. The Guide Options will also serve the user adequately to filter and sort, set light or dark background, and so on. There’s not all such TV that will give you the full-screen grid guide when you press the GUIDE button. Moreover, you can also get the convenience to select Guide from the menu of Spectrum Guide.
  • With the DVR service, you will get the range of recent recordings. For the management of all recordings, you can simply choose to select Go to My DVR. In this list, you can get the availability of recently watched channels and programs. You can also choose to scroll down using the ARROW buttons to see Favorites, Watchlist, and Suggestions. Subscribing to Spectrum DVR service will definitely allow you to record and playback Live TV according to your convenience.
  • You can access On Demand titles including Spectrum Originals. When you choose to subscribe to Premium channels, you’ll get the availability of On Demand content related to associated networks as well. You’ll also get the additional rows for organizing by category.
  • There are lots of Accessibility Features with spectrum on Roku to help users enjoy video subscription. Closed Captioning, Descriptive Video Service, and Guide Narration are some exclusive features available only with Spectrum TV on Roku.

How To Install and Activate Spectrum TV on Roku Without Third Party Help

 Step 1: Scroll down and click on search when you reach the Home screen of Roku

spectrum tv app roku     

 Step 2: Get the help of the on-screen keyboard and type Spectrum TV. Here you can see a suggestion right on the left side.

spectrum tv app roku

 Step 3: In the suggestion list, go to Spectrum TV app.

spectrum tv app roku

 Step 4: Go to the next screen and select Add Channel

spectrum tv app roku

 Step 5: Wait for the complete procedure of download.

spectrum tv app roku

 Step 6: Click on OK after completion of the download.

spectrum tv app roku

 Step 7: Click on Go to Channel when you want to open the application on Roku.

spectrum tv app roku

The methods for activation are pretty simple. Read on to find more.

 Step 1: Visit >>> create a new account.

 Step 2: Follow the prompts. It will guide you to get the code for the Roku player or Roku TV. Now you have to use the code provided. At all times, you’ve to see to that the sure Roku is activated and connected to the internet.

Adding the Spectrum TV Channel to Roku

 Step 1: Take the Roku remote>>>Roku Channel Store.

 Step 2:  Search for Spectrum >>>install the Spectrum TV channel.

 Step 3: Sign in, using the arrow keys >>> click on the OK key.

 Step 4:  The procedure will be complete when you select “I Agree to accept the License Agreement”.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q1) Which Channels Can I Access when I get Spectrum TV on Roku?

Ans. First of all, you must remember that the channels vary depending on location. Moreover, you must check the subscription package. However, it is good to remember that the Parental Control settings affect the channels available. There’s a constraint that the Pay-Per-View isn’t available.

Q2) How to resolve problems related to the Spectrum TV program loading slowly issue?

Ans. For that, you’ve to check for the WiFi or internet connection. Moreover, ensure that you have the latest version of Spectrum TV app. Your device should also be in good condition. After checking the physical parts, make sure you have signed into an account. In case of severe conditions, close the Spectrum TV app and launch it again. Uninstalling and reinstalling of Spectrum streaming Roku app is necessary for fixing bugs.

Q3) Is it possible to use Spectrum TV on all sorts of Roku devices?

Ans. You can get the availability on Roku streaming player,   Roku Premiere models, Roku Express models, Roku Ultra, and Roku streaming sticks(except for first-gen).

Q4) How will my Roku stick work with Spectrum cable?

Ans. If you have the Roku Express or Roku Streaming Stick installed, you will get the flexibility to download the free spectrum app on Roku. But for that, you’ll have to ensure having both Spectrum Internet and Spectrum TV.

Q5) Why isn’t my Spectrum app working on my Roku?

Ans. Spectrum app not working is a recurring problem in some setups. Make sure that the Roku player or TV is connected to the steady internet connection. If you’re using WiFi, always look for a wired connection instead. It will not create fluctuations in the internet connection. Moreover, we recommend to disconnect and reconnect your HDMI cable. It’s better to unplug your Roku device, then wait at least 30 seconds and put it back in.

Q6) Do I need a spectrum cable box for connecting to the Roku?

Ans. You will need to have a cable box or you register your Roku spectrum account online. After that, you can purchase, and set up a Roku. Now with the Roku, you’ll get the Spectrum TV app. But there’s a problem to it.  In this case, you can’t have the Spectrum internet/WiFi to get all channels.

Q7 ) How many channels will I get with Spectrum streaming?

Ans. With Spectrum TV, you sill get access to 80+ channel apps. This feature will give the convenience of watching live TV from anywhere provided you have an Internet connection.

Q8) What does Spectrum TV stream come with?

Ans. The cable channels available are- FXM, A&E USA, Animal Planet, FX, FXX, CNN, Freeform, HGTV, Food Network, TBS, AMC, Discovery,  Hallmark Channel, TNT, Comedy Central, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, E, Oxygen and TLC.

Q9) Is the entire system worth the price paid for it?

Ans. Spectrum TV offers an astounding number of living as well as on-demand programs. It’s complete and comes with a high-end range of channels available at the subscription fees. There’s probably nothing that you won’t get with this service.


Hope that you have learned in detail about Roku Spectrum app and the way to set it up. The spectrum guide has been written after extensive research. For the best Spectrum TV experience, using third-generation and above Roku TV is a mandatory recommendation. It will give you spectrum TV app channels for kids as well. Start streaming live TV as well as on-demand contents right now on Roku TV.

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