Roku Flickering? Easy Fix for Roku Flickering Problem

If your Roku TV is flickering, you might be very frustrated. Technology can be great, but it can be very trying when it chooses to malfunction. If you’re having problems with your Roku flickering, you should know that there are some easy fixes available. At RokuChannels, we strive to provide our readers with easy fixes to the problems they might encounter when using their Roku. 

If you’re ready to solve your Roku device flickering problem, then read on! We’ll tackle the problems that your Roku might be having and how to solve them. 

Potential Causes for Roku Flickering

The good thing about a Roku screen flickering problem is that there are only a few things that could be causing it. With only limited possibilities, it is much easier to determine the true cause of your flickering problem. Here are some of the most common reasons for Roku devices and TVs flickering when in use. 

TCL Roku TV Flickering Settings

One of the most common reasons for a screen flickering problem is the settings of your Roku. Roku does have a setting that might cause frequent flickering to occur. You should go to your Settings>System>Advanced System Settings>Advanced Display Settings, and turn “Auto-Adjust Display Refresh Rate” OFF. This could solve your problem.

Another problem that could be caused by settings is the version that you are using. Some versions force a particular screen size. You can try to reset your Roku device and choose a screen resolution that is suitable for what you need. Rokus can frequently flicker if the screen size is wrong. 

Roku HDMI Cord

Another issue that could cause flickering in the screen is the HDMI cord. The HDMI cord is the cord that carries image and audio to your television. If it is damaged, broken, or outdated, that could be causing low dependability in the image quality. You should try first to ensure that the connection to your TV via the HDMI cord is secure. If that doesn’t work, you might consider using a different HDMI cord, since it is possible that the problem lies within the cord. 

TV Screen Issues

Of course, it is possible that the flickering issue does not rest with your device at all. It is possible that your flickering issue is actually with the television. The TCL screen of your television could be going bad, causing the screen to flicker. You should try your Roku device with another screen to test that it is not the Roku that is malfunctioning, but the device that is project upon. 

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