Roku 3 Review & Setup Guide

If you have just received your Roku 3 or you are looking for more information about the Roku 3, then you are in the right place. This complete review and setup guide for the Roku 3 will provide you with everything you need to get your Roku up and running quickly and effectively. Follow along step by step to learn more about the Roku 3 and its setup. In addition, we’ll provide you with the honest Roku 3 review that you need to decide whether it is the right option for you. 

Roku 3 Setup Guide Step-by-Step

Step 1:  Make sure you have all the devices you will need.  To install the Roku 3 I will need a television set with an HDMI port.  This port will allow the Roku 3 to transmit video and audio to the television on one cable.  Most televisions produced after 2010 include at least one HDMI port or more.  You will also need an HDMI cable.  Last you need your Roku 3 which comes with everything else to get things setup.

Step 2:  Connect the HDMI cable to the back of the Roku player.  There is an HDMI port on the back of your Roku and one end of the HDMI cable is attached there.

Step 3:  Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the television.  The other end of the HDMI cable will go into the HDMI port on your television.

Step 4:  Connect power to the Roku player.  There is a port on the back of the Roku to plug the power supply (that came with the Roku) to the Roku.

Step 5:  Connect power to your house electrical outlet. The Roku runs on any 110vac outlet in your home.

Step 6:  Connect your Roku to your home internet.  You can connect the Roku via an ethernet cable or wireless.  In my case I used our wireless network.

Step 7:  Update the version of software in your Roku.  Roku updates their software often so it is very common that the player you receive will need to update.

Step 8:  Setup an account at  There is no cost to set up the account and once you have one you will be able to use this account on any new Roku player.

Step 9:  Register your new Roku on our computer.  With the new account you have you can now register you Roku player.

Step 10:  Start enjoying your new Roku. Now all you need to do is setup the channels you want to watch and start enjoying this amazing device.

Roku 3 Benefits Review

The Roku 3 is heavier.  I think this will help keep the Roku from being pulled by heavy HDMI cables.  This happens sometimes in my entertainment cabinet and the Roku becomes more difficult to control with the remote because it is perhaps behind something.  This all changed with not only the heavier construction but also the new remote which I will talk about last.
Although the old Roku 2XD had the ability to add to your home network via a wireless connection it communicated at 2.4GHz.  Over the years 2.4 GHz has become very crowded with many different electronics in that frequency.  The new Roku 3 is at 5 GHz which means less issues with wireless conflict.

Key Roku 3 Additions

On the new Roku 3 they have added a USB port.  This is a great addition which lets you add external hard drive or a media player.  When I saw this I immediately started researching how to connect my Mac Mini into it to speed up the transitions of my media.
The Roku 3 has a faster processor in it then its predecessor.  This should make loading movies and moving through channels much quicker and I will comment on that in the full review.

The remote that came with the new Roku is the real game changer.  It has a built in headphone jack so you can listen to your movie while the spouse sleeps which is just amazing in my home plus it is no longer an infrared remote.  This new remote operates via Wi-Fi direct so it can be located anywhere.  The box does have an IR receiver in it so that universal remote you bought last month will still work for you.

Roku 3 Trend

It is an undisputed fact that the craze for Roku media boxes or digital media receivers has reached a fever pitch and for a good reason. The outrageous and ever-increasing cost of cable or digital satellite bills has been a concern for many consumers for several years. This cost concern has been accentuated or made worse by the recent economic backlash that is sweeping all over the country due to the worst recession that the world has ever known. It is true that the Roku media boxes or digital media receivers have been a real lifesaver for many; however, due to the wide variety available out there, it is important to know their features in order to make more informed buying decisions. 

Roku Model Comparisons

Roku 3

This is the latest Roku media box and is famed as the top of the line. It comes fully loaded and is compatible with all HDTVs making it quite versatile. Amongst the many features include: 750+ entertainment channels, built in wireless capability (Wi-Fi b/g/n compatible), new on-screen experience with one-stop search, instant replay on remote, and plays both 720p HD video and 1080P HD video. It also comes with motion control for games (Angry Birds space included), Dual –band wireless, Ethernet and USB port.  The remote for the Roku 3 also has an earbud port that allows you to listen to what is on the screen directly on the remote.  No more waking up my wife while I watch a late movie. Read our Roku 3 review for more information. 

Roku 2 XD

The Roku 2 XD is yet another media box in the series that delivers outstanding quality and is very easy to set up. It works virtually on any TV and also include: 750+ entertainment channels, new on-screen experience with one-stop search, instant replay control remote as well as a built-in wireless compatibility (Wi-Fi b/g/n compatible). While it also plays 720p HD video and 1080p HD video, it does not contain motion control for games, dual-band wireless, remote with headphone jack, Dual-band wireless, Ethernet port and USB port.

Roku HD

This Roku media box is also easy to set up, quite stylish and portable indeed. It also works virtually on any TV and includes exciting features like: 750+ entertainment channels, built-in wireless compatibility (Wi-Fi b/g/n compatible), new on-screen experience with one-stop search, instant replay control on remote. While it plays 720p HD video, it does not play 1080p HD video and does not have motion control for games, remote with headphone jack and Dual-band wireless, Ethernet port and USB port.

Roku LT

This is also a great Roku media box, which comes at a price much lower than the others in the series. It is also compatible with virtually any TV and includes 750+ entertainment channels, built-in wireless compatibility (Wi-Fi b/g/n compatible), and new on-screen experience with a one-stop search. It plays 720p HD video but does not play 1080p HD video neither does it have a remote with a headphone jack, motion control for games, instant replay control on remote and Dual-band wireless, Ethernet port, and USB port. This Roku comparison also reveals that all these media boxes enjoy an average product rating of 4.0+ on a 5.0 scale with thousands of positive reviews from a varied selection of customers.

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