How to Install and Activate ESPN on Roku

These days a Roku account can help to activate the device and let you access entertainment across different streaming channels. Moreover,  there are no problems with monthly equipment and rental fees on Roku.

You can add a payment method for buying or renting high-end movies on demand. Besides, it will also help you to subscribe to popular services like Netflix. Amongst the top gadgets and services available in the market today, Roku is standing ahead of the competitors due to its exciting features.

What is ESPN?

ESPN refers to the sports streaming platform that is inclusive of exclusive video content and live sports. Besides, you can also get the analysis of recently added sports activities. You can access the channel and other existing ESPN applications as a complement to the existing service. It does not come in the form of an entirely separate streaming service.

Striking features of ESPN on Roku

  • You can get excellent streaming performance with the latest updated version. The ESPN application is now available with Roku thus providing viewers with the streaming services to ESPN, ESPN + live events and ESPN shows.
  • You can cover the overall network for different services. In case you are facing trouble while activating ESPN on Roku, we can guide you with the instructions. You can also get the whole panel of the Roku channel list and activate it accordingly for watching the live TV broadcast on different Sporting events and networks.
  • The ESPN application on Roku comes with three levels of service for the live streaming of ESPN in US networks. You can get the on-demand access to complete episodes available on popular ESPN shows. It is available to the ones who subscribe for participating within the paid TV provider including streaming TV services and sling TV.
  • You will get an exceptional grade of service for seeing what the provider will allow you to access. You have to install the ESPN on your network of Roku and attempt to link the device.
  • Subscribers who subscribe to ESPN plus service can also watch original content, live sports, and some on-demand programs. On the contrary, people who do not subscribe to the ESPN + service or do not opt for paid TV service can get other support of watching news. Roku ESPN also helps them to see video highlights, features, clips, and make an analysis.

This guide will give you access to Moreover, you will also come to know about how to watch espn on roku.

How to Smartly Install ESPN on The Favourite Roku Device?

Find ESPN by browsing through the category for Sports category after selecting Streaming Channels. It will be available on the Roku home screen.

espn on roku  


  • Select Search from the home screen of Roku
  • Enter “ESPN.” At that point, ESPN should appear before you are done typing it in.
  • Highlight ESPN>>>press OK
  • Select Add Channel>>> press OK

espn on roku

Return to the home screen of Roku. Here you can see that ESPN will be added at the very end of the list of channels.

espn on roku

Install it through a web browser 

  • Get access to the Roku website at
  • Go to the above-mentioned link>>> click the Add Channel.
  • In case you are not logged in, you will be prompted by the server to complete the login.

The Method of Activating ESPN & ESPN+

After adding ESPN, you can simply browse the content available on ESPN by your Roku device immediately after adding the channel. But the problem is that you can’t watch videos other than clips and highlights. You can’t even access the live TV until activation for that. You have to authenticate the TV subscription on login to ESPN +.  The following espn activate steps will help you to successfully get registered on the Roku device.

Step1 – Open ESPN channel on the Roku device.

Step2 – Go to the home screen>>> scroll to the gear icon at the top. From the menu bar, you can access the menu for Settings.

espn on roku


In case pay-TV service, select Provider Account >>> go to the option for Watch Live TV “Activate Live TV”. After this, you’ve to get the activation code. Be very precise at this point to enter the code only within a few minutes. ***If you fail at this point, revisit the page for channel settings. It will provide you with a new code.***

Step3 – Go to the section with the help of your computer or mobile device.

espn on roku

espn on roku

Step4 – Enter the recommended activation code on Roku >>> click the Continue button.

espn on roku

Step5 – Now go to the Choose Provider screen>>>select cabl/satellite/ streaming TV. Ensure to fill in only the right service provider.

Step6 – At this point, you’ve to sign in with the credentials pertaining to the TV service provider. If you are unaware of the user name and password, contact the channel provider.

espn on roku

Step7 – When you’re choosing to subscribe to ESPN+, go ahead with this

ESPN Account >>> Log in to the ESPN account.

espn on roku 

Step8 – Move to the section of through your computer or mobile device. Follow the directions to log in. Go through each instruction you see in the site to go ahead with the activation of the ESPN Plus on Roku account.

Step9 – Enter the activation code as specified for your Roku >>> click on Continue.

Step10 – Log in to the allotted ESPN+ account. After this, you will see that the TV will confirm the successful linking to the account thus completing setting up of espn plus roku.

espn on roku

In case you haven’t subscribed, you can choose to go with a free trial.

Now you’ve to go back to the ESPN TV App main screen>>>select ESPN+.

Always remember that when you access the ESPN channel, it should automatically activate by espn/activate or log you within a few seconds.

espn on roku

After this, you can see that TV is all set up. Go ahead with watching the content on ESPN+. The ESPN+ section will offer you with live content and original shows. The list also includes documentaries. Always keep in mind to select the ESPN+ section when you want to open the app and check the list of “what’s new”.

In case you see that the Roku streaming device you’re using doesn’t support the application for ESPN, you have to go further with using other options. In case you have a Chromecast, you can directly cast ESPN plus with the help of your phone to the TV. If you are using an Apple TV of the older version, you can use airplay ESPN+. But we suggest that the best idea is to go with the Roku streaming devices that are newly updated to run the ESPN application. But make sure that you set it up properly.

If you have more than one Roku devices, then you will see that the ESPN will be added to every Roku device that is activated to your account. But, for that, you have to activate ESPN on each Roku device.


Q1. How much does it actually cost for getting the ESPN service on Roku?

Ans. ESPN channel on Roku features lives TV programming that comes with plenty of Sporting events including full replay. It also has sports news, game highlights, and clips. You can also get additional live sports available on ESPN +. Subscription for your account adjusts $4.99 per month.

Q2. What happened to ESPN on Roku?

Ans. Presently ESPN has brought a quick service. So while you access the ISPN+ service on your channel like Roku, you can get the same live sports and on-demand shows. But the only problem is that you won’t get eSports. However, the content you get depends upon the dedicated player or Roku enabled TV. The price is around $5 per month and $50 per year.

Q3. In case, the TV provider is not enlisted, how can I activate the ESPN?

Ans. You cannot activate the ESPN if you don’t subscribe or choose to pay the TV provider that offers access to its customers.

Q4.  there any starting charge for ESPN activation?

Ans. No, it is available for free to those who have already received the ESP and networks by participating in the TV providers. Hope you’ve got the answer to how to watch espn for free.

Q5. If I don’t subscribe to pay the TV services can I purchase the subscription for an ESPN?

Ans. No, the service for ESPN is currently unavailable as a paid subscription. It is only available for the ones who pay for networks by participating through the TV providers. However, when you are subscribing to ESPN +, you will get the same content that is authenticated by paying the TV provider.


Hope you’ve liked our guide for espn plus activate process.

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