BadPuppy Roku – Best Gay Porn Site!

Now it’s time to enjoy the unlimited streaming of over 2,300 gay porn videos available with Badpuppy. Badpuppy videos are a perfect Roku companion that comes with a subscription plan.

Before starting, you’ll get the bad puppy porn preview available through the Badpuppy Lite channel of Roku. Getting it is very easy where you are required to just install Badpuppy Lite-on Roku using the link, or log into the Roku account. By selecting the link to “Add channel with code,” you can just go ahead with the assigned code for activation. Though to some users, it might not, yet now there are a plethora of features to not put the users in trouble. Youll have to just accept the warning>>> click the “Yes, add channel” button.

As soon as you complete the procedure, you can get the Lite version listed as the last channel on Roku’s home. There are convenient subscription plans to Badpuppy. Roku and bad puppy gay now comes with exclusive features and unlimited streaming of over 2,300 gay porn videos. You can get the opportunity of streaming them instantly on your television. These days, the channels are also available on the computer and mobile devices.

Even the full-access subscribers can download videos to computer and save them for later viewing. The significant part of the service is that there is no additional charge associated with the plans. Besides the Roku service, you’ll also get the full-access to badpuppy videos membership that can give you access to over 60 additional websites along with thousands of photos and videos.

For installation of the hidden and private Roku channels, you’ll have to follow certain steps only. Go to Roku web site >>> sign in>>>go to account page>>>Click add a channel in the section of manage account>>>Enter the channel’s code >>> click add channel.

BadPuppy Roku Channel Features :

Bad puppy porn channel now comes with an exclusive range of features have a look below.

  • You’ll get over two dozen gay porn videos, where most of them are in HD.
  • These videos aren’t just short teaser clips; rather they work as full-length videos, with some running over 30 minutes.
  • The remarkable part is that you won’t have to go through numerous steps for registration, just add the channel for full access and you’ll get them available under categories like Twinks ( 18 to 25 side of Badpuppy), Original (Action and solo guys that work as original Badpuppy productions), Euro (The hottest action featured by the solo European guys), Porn (Porn action duos as well as solos).
  • You’ll also get the bad puppy gay with “real, and self-identifying straight men” who are presenting themselves exploring natural curiosities on video.

BadPuppy Payment and Subscription Plans

Though the subscription plans keep changing frequently, yet the following rates are standard according to the new updates

  • Streaming Only for $19.95/month (recurring) or $99.95/year (non-recurring)
  • Full Access + Bonus Sites availability for $29.95/month (recurring) or $149.95/year (non-recurring)
  • 30 Days Non-Recurring plans available at $49.95 one-time charge

You can also choose to cancel the recurring subscriptions at any time.

How to Add BadPuppy to your Roku?

Connect The Roku Streaming device of your choice.


Step 1: for that, you will need to have a Roku Video Player along with an active account. In case you have not already set up your Roku account, its recommended to set it up now before proceeding to the Next Step.

Step 2: by this time, you must have an Active Badpuppy Subscription.

Step 3: starting with the access is better with the Roku account on your PC. Go to here, you will arrive at the page. This page is for you to log in with your Roku account. Once you are logged into Roku account, you will have to confirm that you are desiring to Connect Your Roku Device to the Private channel available for Badpuppy.


Step 4: it is mandatory at this step to take a look at the Television connected to the Roku device. At this point, you must be able to see the Badpuppy.TV logo >>>Click on the Badpuppy.TV logo >>> start the Registration process. When you arrive at the Registration screen, click OK with the help of your remote. On the next screen, you will see an option will “Link Code”. Now on your PC, go to https://www.Badpuppy.TV/Roku/>>>Enter the “Link Code”>>> enter your Badpuppy Username and Password.

When you do this within 30 seconds>>>enter the “Link Code”.

Here, you will see a Congratulations Screen on the Roku TV. Now, click on “start”>>> close out the Registration process.>>>Click on the Badpuppy.TV logo. In this way, you can start viewing the Badpuppy movies.

While going to the settings, you should make sure to set the screen setting to either 720p HDTV or 1080p HDTV. It will give you the convenience of viewing the high-definition movies. You can set the 720 p and 1080 p even on the older analog TV.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q1) Is my badpuppy Channel on roku legal?

Ans. There are over 8000 private channels that work on Roku and some of them are often marked as illegal. These adult channels are also tested and Roku compatible.  So, there is enough legal protection when you are watching the content on bad puppy gay. When the users watch these channels on Roku, there are no issues of facing legal troubles.

Q2) Can I hide my badpuppy Channel on Roku?

Ans. You can hide or remove the channels with the help of the Roku app available for Android or iOS. In order to hide items like movie, news, or TV channel store, you have to access the settings menu from Roku. From the home screen, go to hide option for the channel you want to keep hidden.

Q3) Where should I get my hidden badpuppy channel on Roku?

Ans. You can get the Roku private channel which is also referred to as the hidden or non-certified channel in a separate list. For that, you have to add the channel manually. You can do this by clicking on the add channel button available on the page of the private channel.


Though there are problems in watching unlimited content on YouTube, Netflix, and other mainstream options, yet Roku gives you the option to explore a whole new world of content.

There are hundreds of thousands of content is available for streaming all of which is available in high definition quality. Moreover, it not possible to get the adult content of your choice on the other devices. Roku brings a lot of fantastic offers for streaming lovers

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