What is FOX Sports | How to Activate FOX Sports?

If you are Sports lover it’s imperative that you are well aware about Fox Sports. Fox Sports has been very much popular among sports lovers because of the quality content it provides on sports. It covers pretty much anything and everything on sports including live sports feed, sports news coverage, Sports shows and the list goes on.

In this article we will guide you all about how to Activate Fox Sports.Com on your roku device, which will let you enjoy its shows without a hassle. We understand how much it means for a Sports lover to watch all their loveable shows. That’s the sole reason you need to follow this article to activate fox sports on your roku device and enjoy your shows. But before knowing about how to Activate Fox Sports.com we should know some more about Fox Sports itself.

What is FOX Sports?

FOX Sports being a TV Everywhere channel needs you to enable the app from a pay TV provider to view any of the channel’s programming. Many of the major cable and satellite television providers allow the access to the Fox Sports platform like AT&T Uverse, Comcast, Xfinity, DirecTV, Dish and Cox. Even if you are on other Cable streaming services like Sling TV, fuboTV or YouTube TV , Fox Sports would be available to you.

It’s a brand which is in charge of number of sports channels, broadcasts, media groups etc. Being under Fox Corporations, Fox Sports is responsible for broadcasting sport related media contents which includes quiet a lot in its field.

It provides you with all Sports related updates that you are looking for about pretty much every sport. You can enjoy live streaming of all sports like Soccer, WWE, Boxing, NFL, MLB and so much more. You can even watch live streaming through FS1 studios of the largest national sport events.

Although its our duty to remind of the fact that Fox Sports is only available to you if you are willing to watch it through a paid media stream. If you are not doing so, then you wouldn’t be able to acces any of the locked content of Fox Sports. Another fact that you should note is that no Stand-alone Subscription for FoxSports.com/Roku is available.

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Description of Fox Sport Channel:

  • Shows – Fox Sport is one of the largest sport media content broadcasters. Their shows includes pretty much all categories in sports like Soccer, WWE, Boxing, MLB , NCCA basketball Leagues etc.

        Live sports events like – NASCAR Daytona 500 or MLB Postseason games etc can also be watched here.

         FS1 Studios is also available, which includes First Things First, MLB Whip Around, Nascar Race hub, The Herd       with Colin Cowherd, Skip & Shannon: Undisputed etc when you get yourself signed in submitting your details.

  • Subscription or Fees – Well you don’t need to pay Foxsports.com/Roku anything for their contents which you want to enjoy. But yes it still costs you because you would need a paid TV subscription from the registered service providers for this. Well that isn’t so bad , is it?

How to Add Fox Sports to your Roku Device?

Before Fox Sports Activate on Roku you would need to add Fox Sports Roku on your device. Without this the installation process can’t be completed. You need to follow the Process mentioned bellow to make it happen:

First of all launching Fox Sports on your roku device is very much necessary.

activate fox sports

If it is not listed on your Roku’s home screen, then it means it has to be done separately to complete the process. For that you need to come to Roku’s Home screen and you should be able to find “Streaming Channels” there.

Once you are there, you have to search for Streaming Channels, and there you have to search for Fox Sports. When you find the channel which you are looking for then you need to select the Add Channel option in it.

Next, you need to select the Go to Channels option, and going there you would realise that following what we mentioned above you have already added your desired channel (Fox Sports) in your List of Streaming Channels.


How to Activate.Fox Sports on your Roku?

For FoxSports Activate on your Roku device, it’s a must that you have a Roku account. Once you have one, then you have to Sign in the Account by using the device activation code which will appear on your device screen.

Once your Roku Device is on, you have to press Start in your remote and that will allow you to access your menu. There you should be able to find the sign in option. Select it and sign in using your user name and password.

activate fox sports

Now for Fox Roku Activate on your device you need to open the channel on Roku and tap on the start button. Once you do that you should be asked for TV Provider’s Sign in credentials. Once you have provided with those you have to go to Foxsportsgo.com/activate to get the code for the channel to launch.

It might take a few moments to authenticate the activation code. When it will be completed the authentication code from Roku would be vanished, and simultaneously you should also have access to Fox Sports on your Roku device.

We would like to congratulate you because if you have thoroughly followed the above mentioned steps then by now Activation of Fox Sports on your Roku device is smoothly done.

activate fox sports

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ's)

Q1 ) Can I Watch Fox Sports Go on Roku?

Ans. Of Course, if you have gone through our article till now you would surely understand that watching Fox Sports Go on Roku is completely possible without a hassle. Paid TV Subscribers can surely watch Fox Sports on Roku and enjoy all of sporting like Soccer, WWE, Boxing, NFL, MLB. All you need to do is just Activate Fox Sports Go on your Roku Device following our above mentioned process and you are good to go.

Q2) How Much Does Fox Sport Cost on Roku?

Ans. Well you are kind of lucky, because it’s absolutely free. If you are a sport lover and you want to enjoy all live streaming of Nationwide Sports and enjoy all the Special Seasons of WWE, then it’s possible for you to enjoy them on Roku. But you do need to have Pay TV Service provider for that (Well I did say that you are “kind of” lucky, didn’t I?). Only that monthly renewal of your pay TV service and that’s all. You don’t need to charge an extra dime to Fox Sports for enjoying Sport Contents.

 Q3) Where and why do I Need to Sign up for Fox Sports on Roku?

Ans. If you go through our article, you would be able to find out that during the activation procedure of Fox Sports Go on you Roku device you do need to sign up to enjoy the Sport contents of Fox Sports. Since Fox Sports GO is delivered to consumers of the participating TV providers at no extra cost. You simply need to pick your TV provider when you visit Fox Sports GO and you will be guided to your TV provider’s website where you can sign up with your TV provider credentials. This Sign up procedure ensures that you have a paid TV line up to for this channel to be enjoyed.

Q4) What Sports Content is available on Fox Sports Go?

Ans. As mentioned earlier, Fox Sports Go covers pretty much anything and everything for you. If you are sport lover, no matter what sport you like, you will surely get it streamed on FOX Sport Go.

Its Sport Contents include – Soccer, WWE, Boxing, NFL, MLB, NHL live sports feed, sports news coverage, Sports shows, College games and the list goes on. They even Cover Pre and post game shows, press conferences, Documentaries. Now what more can I ask for if I am a Sports lover.

Q5)  Why its Showing “No Content” on my Fox Sports Go?

Ans. Since May 2019, Fox Sports decided to show only their Fox Sports Regional Network Content. As a result of which you would not be able to enjoy Fox Sports Go on your Paid TV Line up if they don’t include those contents in their package. Fox Sports Regional Network Content includes – Fox Sports Midwest, Prime Ticket, Yes Network etc. They also include Fox College Sports Regional Networks like Central, Pacific, Atlantic etc.



Fox Sports respects fans as main partners, as compared to other Sports digital distribution companies who don’t bother offering their fans exclusive assistance. The customer care programs are also excellent. They are also willing and happy to support you when you are facing difficulties by using their programs. They can be reached through various means including social media, mobile numbers, email address, and others.

So what else can you ask for being a sport lover if you are having all of this in your hands just with a few taps and clicks? Hope this Article was resourceful enough to meet up with your queries regarding Fox Sports Go on Roku.


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